Our staff have the knowledge and experience in teaching children the correct technique in dance to provide them with the best training available to them. This helps them gain confidence not only in their dancing but also in their personal lives as well. We have the specialist knowledge to teach your children in the correct way so as to prevent any injury that could occur from the incorrect training.

Susan's Danstudio has given many students the platform to take their passion for dance to the next level and create a career out of something that they love doing which we believe is extremely important.


Our pupils follow the IDTA dance syllabus and take graded IDTA exams. These exams provide them with the sense of achievement that all children and young adults alike need in their lives to help them progress and grow, not only in their ability but also in their confidence.

Dance exams have changed a lot over the years and all of our IDTA examiners are extremely friendly and encouraging to the children when taking exams. We live in a society today where progression is key for children to move forward and push themselves to the next level of their ability. The enjoyment that our pupils get from receiving their exam results is priceless and they are always wanting to progress to the next level and achieve more. 



Pupils are required to wear our uniform which is available from our shop. The reason we ask children to wear a uniform is so that all the children are equal and no one feels different to any one else. We ask parents not to worry about uniform to start with, just bring them in a t-shirt and leggings and see how they get on.

All uniform can be purchased from our fully stocked dance wear shop within our premises. 

Meet The Team


susan headshot.jpg

Susan is the founder of Susan's Danstudio 



Adam is a Director here at Susan's Danstudio.


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Dayna is one of our teachers at Susan's Danstudio