Membership form

Please fill out the following membership form in order for your child to participate in our classes. 

Conditions of membership

  • After the first week trial lesson, class fees will be paid weekly for the first month. After this lesson fees are payable monthly via direct debit with the cost split over 12 months accounting for any holidays.

  • Lesson fees are not deductible for absence, but classes missed may be made up on a different day if there is a duplicate of the lesson available.

  • A £7.00 membership fee is payable upon joining the school.

  • Pupils not attending for 4 consecutive weeks without any notification will lose their membership and place within their classes.

  • The correct uniform should be worn at all times (please refer to uniform list).

  • In conjunction with the child protection act, no person of the opposite sex above the age of 8 will be permitted in changing rooms.

Thank you for signing up!