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This is all the information about Susan's Danstudio show procedure & will hopefully answer any questions you may have. Please read through all the information even if you have done a show before as some things have changed.



Dress rehearsal: Sunday 10th April 2022 at the University drama studio, Shearwood Rd, Broomhall, Sheffield S10 2TD. Schedule tbc closer to the time.

This rehearsal is compulsory.


Performances: Monday 11th, Tuesday 12th, Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th matinee & evening. All evening performances will start at 7.00pm. The matinee performance will start at 2pm. Children will be required to check in for the matinee between 1.00-1.30pm & evenings 6.00-6.30pm, no later. 


Parental Consent Form

You will need to fill out an individual consent form for your child/children to participate in the show. Please read the information below and press continue to fill out the form on the next page. Please inform us whether or not your child will be participating in the show by Monday 20th December 2021. To secure your child’s participation in the show you will need to pay the £15 non-refundable costume deposit either via bank transfer or in person in our shop. The £15 deposit will be taken off your costume bill.

Account name: Susan’s Danstudio limited

Account number: 61875973

Sort code: 40-17-15

Ticket Sales

Tickets will be available to purchase via the “Events” page on our website. We will inform everyone via the usual social media and email channels when they are on sale. If you have a child watching the performance under the age of 2 you will not need a ticket for them.


General Information 


  • All children in the school will be involved in the show unless they express the wish not to 


  • Work will start in class from the time all show slips are returned and it will be important for all children to miss as few classes as possible, as this can have a negative effect on the learning of the dances. When learning show routines, the whole class have to work together as a team and it can cause problems if pupils are continually missing from classes 


  • The show is a big operation for which we have to have strict rules. These rules MUST be adhered to for the show to run smoothly and safely and we appreciate your co-operation 


  • Pupils will do one dance per subject they take (i.e if you do ballet and tap you will do 2 dances). Nursery & Rosettes will do 1 ballet dance. These groups will not have a tap dance.

  • Nursery and Rosette children will only be in Matinee performance on the Thursday.


  • There will be a costume required for each dance. Please read on for costume details. 


  • If your child is only in the first half of the show, they will need to be collected at the interval. Children may not be collected whilst the show is in progress due to safety & security reasons. Children will not require a ticket to watch the 2nd half of the show unless you would like a seat for them. 


  • If any of your child's dances are in the second half of the show, they will be involved in the finale but will not need an extra costume for this.


  • All classes will have a class organizer and this is the person that you need to speak to regarding costumes for your child’s dances, not the class teacher. Organizers will make themselves known to your class & give you a contact number or email address. If you would like to be an Organizer please speak to a member of staff to collect some information or to put your name down 


  • The teachers and shop staff are not always able to answer your show questions right away, any queries you may have can be sent via email to or to our Facebook page. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.


  • All children must be chaperoned at rehearsals and performances by parent volunteers. If you would like to be a chaperone please see a member of staff to collect any information or to put your name down.


  • It is the responsibility of the parents to get their children to and from rehearsals and performances at the required times 


  • No one except Organizers, Chaperones and students are allowed into the changing rooms 


Costume Information

Costumes will be organized by the school but parents pay for them and then keep them afterwards.

​We are aware that lots of pupils already have unused costumes from the previous show. We will try to use these costumes where we can and we may do a swap with another class to make full use of them all and save on cost.


Approximate new costume cost will be £25 to £30 including all accessories, hopefully many costumes will cost less than this and we will endeavour to keep the cost as low as possible. This price margin is just a guideline for you to budget.


sequins and fastening may need to be sewn onto costumes when you receive them. This may be for sizing reasons so that everyone's costumes fit correctly. All costumes require name labels or the name written inside to prevent mix ups. 


All rehearsals and performances will be in full costume unless you are told otherwise, so please make sure sequins, fastening etc are ready for the first rehearsal. 


You will receive your costume information for each individual dance from the class Organizer.


You will receive a costume list and it is your responsibility to make sure you have all items on this list.


Costumes will only be given out when they have been paid for in full, NO EXCEPTIONS.


Once you receive your costume it is important not to let your child play in it so it remains in good condition before the show performances. 


If you require any ballet/tap shoes or tights for the show please order them at least 4 weeks in advance. These are not included in the costume price.


We will be starting our Costume Club very soon so you can pay for your costumes in instalments whenever you choose. Your payments will be recorded onto your account. Please keep all receipts for your own records.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. If my child is only involved in the first half of the show can I take them home after their dance is finished?

A. You may only collect your child at the Interval 


Q. Can I change my child when I'm watching the show?

A. Only the child's chaperone may change children. No one is permitted in the changing room other than the chaperones and organizers once the show has started. This is for the security and safety of the children


Q. If I am a male relative can I take my children to the changing rooms?

A. You may check your child in at the checking in desk and then an older student or chaperone will take them to their respective changing room 


Q. If I am a male relative can I be a chaperone?

A. Unfortunately we are only able to have female chaperones due to the majority of students being female. If you would like to be involved with the show you can enquire about becoming a steward at the performances


Q. Can I watch the show if I am a chaperone or class organizer?

A. Yes you can, but you will need to arrange cover for the night that you are watching with another chaperone or organiser


Q. Where is the University drama studio?

A. The address for the venue is Shearwood Rd, Broomhall, Sheffield S10 2TD.


Q.Is there a car park?

A. There is a Multi storey car park across the road opposite the children’s hospital


Q. Will my child be provided with food at the rehearsal & performances? 

A. You will be responsible for making sure your child has food & drinks available to them. please do NOT give children messy food or drinks that may stain their costumes 


Q. Will my child be involved in the finale?

A. Only if they have a dance in the second half of the show


Q. What time does the show start and finish?

A. The show starts at 7.00pm and finishes at approximately 8.45pm 


Q. What time do we have to bring children for the performances?

A. You will need to arrive between 6-6.30pm no later 


Q. What happens with my deposit? 

A. This goes towards your show costume payments. If you only have one costume and it is less than the deposit payment, you will be refunded for the difference


Q. What if I have paid my deposit and my child decides they do not want to participate in the show. Will I be given my show deposit back?

A. You will not be refunded this deposit if a costume has already been ordered for you however you will be able to take your child's costume 


Q. If I arrive late for the performance will it start without me? 

A. The show will start at 7.00pm regardless of any latecomers be them performers or audience members


Chaperone Information 


All chaperones must be a registered chaperone. If you wish to be a chaperone we will talk you through the registration process.


The Role of a chaperone:


to look after children in the changing rooms at rehearsals and performances 


Their job is to make sure children in their care are dressed in the correct costume and are ready when required 


You may also be required to accompany children to the toilet 


You will be required to find out who is collecting the children after the show and it is your responsibility to give the child to that person unless notified otherwise 


Chaperones may not leave rehearsals and performances until all of the children in their care have been collected 


Susan's Danstudio operates a child protection policy and therefore requires all chaperones to provide us with a copy of a full DBS form 


If you already have a DBS form we will require a photocopy of this prior to all rehearsals and performances 


Chaperones are not permitted backstage at rehearsals or performances. Only the stage crew and organizers should be backstage at any time. 


Chaperones must not bring any other friends or family members in the changing room that are not involved in the show. This is for child protection and fire & safety regulations.


You will not be required to chaperone every night.

If you have any further questions or are unsure of something please don't hesitate to contact us.